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FreezGard® - Provides the safest roads during the toughest winter storms.

An environmentally safe solution.

Compass Minerals’ facility in Ogden, Utah has been naturally extracting inorganic minerals from the Great Salt Lake since 1967. Its unique solar evaporation process harnesses the power of the sun and wind to evaporate 100,000 gallons of water each minute during the summer.

Nutrient-­rich brine is pumped into a series of evaporation ponds, covering over 43,000 acres. In a typical year, it would require 7 million tons of coal to process the same amount of mineral.

This natural process is environmentally friendly, cost effective and produces the highest quality magnesium chloride products in the world.

FreezGard is made from 100% natural minerals harvested from the water of the Great Salt Lake.

FreezGard has lower levels of toxicity than competitive products – even baking soda. It’s easy on wildlife and fish.

FreezGard can be used to reduce sand and gravel, which are expensive to clean up and contribute to air pollution.


FreezGard is specially formulated for deicing and anti-icing, and it offers:

- Deicing performance down to 0o F (-18o C).

- Prevents snow and ice from bonding to the pavement.

- A safe solution for concrete and equipment, minimizes spalling and scaling.

- Reduces the need for sand and gravel and their associated spring cleanup.

- Flexibility with uses in anti-icing, pre-wetting and salt/sand pile treatment.

- An environmentally friendly solution made from 100% natural minerals from the Great Salt Lake.

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30% Magnesium Chloride with Corrosion Inhibitors

Reduces the effects of corrosion on equipment and rebar by over 85% from regular sodium chloride.

30% Magnesium Chloride

Achieves unsurpassed low-temperature performance and melting capacity.